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Darden Recruiting Events

Learn about recruiting events and other opportunities to access Darden MBA students.

 Recruit the Next Generation of Purpose-Driven Leaders

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Darden students!

If you are new to recruiting students at the School, Darden's The Career Center (CDC) employer engagement and recruiting (EER) team will guide you through the process and schedule recruiting activities to ensure you are successful in meeting your talent goals. Contact us today to discuss your recruiting needs.

Explore Events for Every Recruiting Need

  • Company Information Sessions (Briefings)

    Briefings take place on Grounds and are formal, 45-minute presentations with Q&As to network with students, communicate company culture and market opportunities. Scheduled when First Years are not in class.

    Target Audience: First Years

  • Office Hours or Coffee Chats

    These events occur on Grounds and are less formal opportunities to connect company representatives and two to four students. Office hours or coffee chats can be a drop-in or sign-up format. Held in public, reserved spaces in which students can come and go during a designated time slot.

    Target Audience: First Years, Second Years, Executive MBAs

  • Networking Receptions

    A targeted event for companies interested in networking with students in a casual setting and in Darden’s PepsiCo Forum. Drinks, appetizers, high-top tables and signs provided.

    Target Audience: First Years, Second Years, Executive MBAs

    Cost: $500

  • Career Fairs

    A great branding opportunity for companies early in the recruiting season! These Charlottesville-based events allow students to get to know organizations before diving deep. 

    Date: 3–4 April 2020

    Target Audience: First Years, Second Years, Executive MBAs

    Cost: $500

  • Second Year Lunch and Learns

    Engage with Second Years in smaller on-Grounds settings to discuss full-time opportunities with students, network and engage prior to Second Year interviews. Lunches are 90 minuts. Sign-ups made available and student attendee lists provided in advance.

    Target Audience: Second Years, Executive MBAs

    Cost: At cost, based on number of attendees

  • Virtual Recruiting Events

    Virtual information sessions, coffee chats and interviews can be coordinated using our state-of-the-art, media-enabled interview rooms or classrooms. Scheduled based on request.

  • Invite-Only Events

    These off-site events are coordinated and managed by the company based on an approved date given by the CDC.

  • Student Club Events

    Darden has a number of influential student clubs. To plan an event with a club, contact the EER team to vet your date and ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts for an optimal attendance rate. If you engage with a student club, you are considered an on-Grounds recruiting company and therefore all on-Grounds hiring policies apply.

  • Workshops

    Workshops at Darden provide companies an educational opportunity to deliver specific content to students about their business. Workshop discussions are topic-based and limited to two hours. Those longer than two hours will require approval from the CDC. Students sign up in advance and the list is accessible to employers via Darden Career Link.

    Target Audience: First Years, Second Years, Executive MBAs

  • Case Competitions

    During case competitions, student participants strive to develop the best solution to a business- or education-related case study within an allocated time frame. Competitions result in the awarding of scholarships, internship and interview prizes, etc. Case competitions taking place at Darden will be approved through an application process facilitated by the EER team.

    Target Audience: First Years, Second Years, Executive MBAs

Meet Darden Students Around the World

There are a number of ways to meet Darden students in locations other than on our Grounds in Charlottesville and Rosslyn, Virginia. Consider some of the following alternatives:

  • MBA Interview Forums


    To increase recruiting accessibility, Darden partners with other top MBA schools during interview forums. Interview forums are a convenient way for companies to interview MBA candidates from multiple schools at one event for just-in-time hiring needs. Planning is underway for interview forums in the next academic year.

    If you have any questions about these events, please contact the employer engagement and recruiting (EER) team.

  • MBA Career Fairs


    Darden students and staff typically attend the career fairs and conferences listed below. If your company is interested in connecting with Darden at these events, please contact the EER team.

  • Job Treks


    Job treks are an effective way to showcase your company and get to know Darden students by hosting them at your corporate headquarters. Students value having the opportunity to step inside corporate headquarters, experience your company first-hand and meet with members of your organization.

    Job trek visits typically occur during Darden School breaks (e.g., Dedicated Recruiting Days, mid-December, early January); the exceptions being locations close to Charlottesville (e.g., Washington, D.C., Richmond, Charlotte) where day-long trips are feasible on student reading days. The Darden Week on Wall Street and the Bay Area Technology Trek are in the process of being planned for the coming academic year. 

    For more information about possible job trek visits taking place either in the U.S. or internationally, please contact Casey Floyd, director of employer engagement and recruiting.